STEEL BRICKS® Modular System

The STEEL BRICKS® system marks a paradigm shift in SC modular construction. It is the only SC system that can be used for both walls and floors and is superior in every respect to other SC systems in the marketplace.

From design through to installation the STEEL BRICKS® system is a build solution with standardisation and simplicity at its heart.

How is it made?

The STEEL BRICKS® system is made by folding two pre-cut steel plates into 'L' shaped sections, which are joined to form the 'U' shape. And that's its beauty...simplicity.

Steel Bricks 7

The two separate L's design enables the STEEL BRICKS® system to have the potential benefit of different plate material on either side of a wall (e.g. stainless steel on one side and carbon steel on the other). Such modules could be manufactured as required for certain parts of a Nuclear Power Plant, for example, to provide the required corrosion resistance. And there are no bi-metallic corrosion concerns as the carbon steel/stainless steel joint is embedded in concrete.

The U-shaped STEEL BRICKS® components can be welded together, end-to-end and vertically to create larger modules. No tie bars or reinforcing bars are required, as these are replaced by the diaphragm, which is integral to the system.

Steel Bricks 6

In the manufacture of the floor modules the STEEL BRICKS® system can also have holes in the top flange which allows the concrete to rise a little above the plate to form a concrete finish similar to conventional reinforced concrete floors. Supports for electrical and mechanical equipment can be easily welded to the external face of the plate.

Steel Bricks 7

In contrast to previous generations of SC designs and those still in use STEEL BRICKS® modular systems has far fewer internal components. Breakdown of a simple panel assumed to be 12m in length with a depth of 0.8m and height of 1.8m

Steel Bricks 8
  • Internal Pieces: 85 No.
  • Studs: 476 No.
  • Finished Weight: 6-7 te
  • UEA Welds: 34 No. @ 1.8m = 61.2m
  • PFC Welds: 51 No. @ 300mm = 15m
  • Total weld: 76.2 m

With STEEL BRICKS® modular systems there are far fewer components and no need for proprietary steels or equipment (Bi-Steel). With simple manufacturing techniques inherent in its design this means that multiple fabricators can be employed simultaneously thereby speeding up off site production.

Key Advantages are:-

  • All welding post Steelbrick assembly is on the outside so there is no need for welders to work inside the SC module in a confined space
  • No rebar congestion internally and therefore no clashing on site
  • Comes with a floor module solution
  • Proven with a standard self-compacting concrete mix
  • Fast on site
  • Standardised components
  • Flexible structural forms
  • STEEL BRICKS® modular systems sections are straightforward to fabricate to achieve straight, curved, corner and floor sections.
  • Fewer components than conventional SC Systems = fewer potential failure points; fewer testing locations; fewer hours per tonne
  • Superior Out-of-Plane Shear resistance through diaphragm plates and superior resistance to hydrostatic pressures during concrete pours
  • BIM Modelling -> Plate Cutting -> Fabrication -> Erection -> Casting validated by mockup construction.
  • No restrictions on minimum and maximum module thicknesses
  • Steel plate thickness folded in 5mm to 20mm thick plate.
  • No tie bars. Diaphragm plates prevent distortion during assembly and erection.
  • All external welding and automated with submerged arc welding.
  • Simple and full-strength connections details.
  • Meets AISC N690 including Supplement 1 Nuclear Standard
  • Rapid Erection – one day for Innovate-UK mock-up
  • Validated costs per metric tonne available