A Guide to the use of our Trade Mark

STEEL BRICKS® technology is a patented system that uniquely combines into modules ‘U’ sections (expressly but not limited to pressed or rolled from plate; separate ‘L’s welded together or simply rolled sections such as channels) the web or diaphragm of which contains holes for ease of concrete flow. This deployment of diaphragms acts in a strut and tie fashion to create a far greater strength than any conventional SC modular system. The STEEL BRICKS® system can be supplemented with shear studs on the inner face of the plates depending on its application. These modules can be deployed as walls, floors - both ground and suspended.

Guidelines for the correct use of Our Trade Mark

  1. In the context of any brochures, leaflets, price lists, and other printed material, always present the trade mark in block capital letters and as two separate words, for example: STEEL BRICKS. Unless the mark is in a stylized format that can be used in text, for example, lowercase lettering, in which case that particular presentation can be used.
  2. On products and packaging, the design, typeface, size, position, context, and color of the trade mark should be consistent and should reflect the mark as registered.
  3. Always use the trade mark only as an adjective and in conjunction with a word which describes the particular type of product to which the trade mark is being applied, for example: The STEEL BRICKS® modular system. It is important that the trade mark should never be used either as a noun, for example, “a STEEL BRICK” or “STEEL BRICKS,” or a verb, for example, “to STEEL BRICK,” as this type of use removes the connection between the trade mark and its owner by suggesting that the word is part of the language and describes a general type of product or service, instead of a very particular product or service which originates from a particular trader.
    1. In Europe and the United States of America, use the symbol ® in conjunction with the trade mark, for example: STEEL BRICKS®.
    2. For the rest of the world use the symbol ™ in conjunction with the trade mark, for example: STEEL BRICKS™.
  4. If any other party is to be allowed to use the trade mark, this must be under strict control of the owner of the mark (MWS Ltd), and by way of a formal license.